Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Luke's Leather Website Reflection

The purpose of  Luke's Leather is to provide a specialty baseball glove website, where baseball players can buy gloves based on their position.  The gloves were customized for MLB players and sponsors that the company has to inspire players to get the glove.
I really like the way my website came out.  Along with the borders and slideshow I added, I made satisfying revisions to my website that I thought were necessary.  I edited the background and added more gloves available and other features to improve my site.  The colors I chose fit well together and it made the site look a lot more visually attractive and professional.

I would definitely add videos and more slideshows to my site if U had more time to work on it.  I could make funny advertisements to my site to make the site look professional.  I would also add more gloves to buy and more funny reviews.

The most challenging part of the website was probably photo shopping each one of he gloves that I edited and put my logo on.  I needed to blend and past my logo on each one of my gloves which took a good amount of time, but it was worth it because when I took my time, the gloves looked a lot better.  Another problem that was challenging was making a new page.  At the beginning, I manually started to type out each page which took a long time, but then I learned I could just copy the web page design HTML code and then edit the code to make the new page.  This really saved me a lot of time so I was not spending an unnecessary amount of time just setting up each page.